David W. Garrett

David brings his lifelong love of the wilderness to projects great and small. In his furniture creation, he has re-invigorated Adirondack furniture craftsmanship. In several highly influential business ventures, he has greatly impacted the economy of the Adirondack region. 

David was the creator of The Point, Lake Placid Lodge and other renowned hotels celebrated the world over for their beauty, luxury and historic integrity. In these ventures, Garrett refocused America's attention on the great North Woods, and set a new standard of excellence in the hospitality industry. In addition to the many jobs that were created in the hospitality sector in the region, Garrett sought out and engaged many master craftspeople creating the finest examples of contemporary Adirondack crafts, providing opportunities to show their work and keep the traditions alive. Some of his furniture is in his most recent hotel, The Ivy Hotel, in Baltimore, Maryland. See David's hotel creations at Garrett Hotel Consultants

Among the many accomplishments in his life and career, David is particularly proud of the magnificent log cabin he built by hand over many decades deep in the Adirondack woods.  It is his favorite place in the world, followed closely by his workshop.