The Translation of Forest to Furniture


David Garrett builds furniture that reflects the timeless traditions and craftsmanship of the Adirondack style. Elements of wood, stone, earth and metal all find their way into classical creations inspired by the great North Woods and grounded in Great Camp tradition. Natural materials such as birchbark and red osier dogwood are combined with unique found elements, including 19th century oil paintings and corks from rare wines, creating a window onto the history and landscapes of the Adirondacks.

David's creations—from wine cupboards to coffee tables—have a fairy tale enchantment about them; each transcends its function and ushers the outside world in. Intricate detail is balanced with robust form and solid construction; each piece is meant to last many lifetimes. Each is a masterful translation of forest to furniture.

The pieces shown here are examples of commissioned and personal work.